Shaina Nicolas

When were you a Cultivate intern?

I was a former Cultivate intern during the January-March 2020 Track.


What is your current job?

I’m working as Project Coordinator for Product Development within Asia Pacific at OneHope. I was hired in 2021. I’m grateful for my job right now because I’ve prayed for this – that God would really open a door of opportunity for me here at OneHope where I can maximize the skills that I have, for His glory. 


How have you used your skills and experiences at OneHope (especially outcome-based ministry) in your professional life?

Since my role as a Project Coordinator is to organize and consolidate communication requests and information related to Product Development within Asia Pacific, the outcome-based ministry that I’ve learned from Cultivate when I was still an intern is helpful. Every project has its own needs. As we go through the process, we also apply the outcome-based ministry model, especially with Product Development wherein we work in design and innovation on how we could develop effective and creative outcomes to reach our children and youth. Having such knowledge and training, I could say that it helps me to work effectively when it comes to coordinating project-related needs with our project managers, translation coordinators, and field staff at OneHope. 


How do you see God working in your life today?

One of the things I consider how God is working in my life lately is through the grace and guidance He is giving me in every decision I make in all aspects of my life. Without the grace of God, I know I wouldn’t be here working in a healthy environment with a vision to reach every child and youth of this world through His word. With His guidance, it gives me the strength to conquer every fear that I have and keeps me going despite the challenges along the way.


What suggestions do you have for the current interns?

Maximize this great opportunity you have in Cultivate. Focus and never miss anything you can learn in every session. You will really experience the tagline itself, “It’s impossible not to grow here.” The leadership and fruitfulness in your ministry that you desire is really possible as you allow yourself to be equipped with all the knowledge and resources that Cultivate could offer.

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