Internship Structure

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How does the Cultivate Internship works? What will you learn? How will you connect with churches and ministries? Check out the main points of our Internship structure to find out:

Strengths Finder 2.0 – Each intern takes this assessment to identify his or her top five strengths. They will reflect upon and refine them during their internship in conversations with their manager, APC and/or Cultivate staff.

Root Groups – Interns in each location participate in small groups that create space for prayer, conversation, encouragement, and spiritual practice.

Weekly Updates- Interns meet one-on-one weekly with their APC or OneHope staff member to discuss guided reflections and interpret the impact of their internship experience.

Ministry Placement – Interns serve in their ministry placement with a OneHope or partner ministry team. Their leaders identify projects that will further the organizational mission and vision. The interns apply the outcome-based ministry design process to conduct research, design effective solutions, implement, and/or evaluate progress on their ministry projects.

Outcome-based Ministry Training – Interns are trained in the outcome-base ministry paradigm, learning its fundamental principles, tools, and applications.

Worldview Development – Interns discuss, consider, and refine their understanding of cultural engagement and ministry best practice in sessions taught by OneHope staff and ministry partners.

Local Church – Interns serving with local church partners actively engage in the life of that community. Interns at OneHope’s international office or regional teams connect with diverse local congregations.

Cross-Cultural Education – Each internship location is an intentionally cross-cultural experience. Interns learn to understand their own culture, the culture of others, and experience how the two can intersect for meaningful relationships and impactful ministry.

Cohort Experience – Cultivate internships are intentionally designed cohort experiences. One of the best avenues of development – and most impactful elements of the internship – is the community formed by diverse individuals living and serving together for Kingdom growth.

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