4 Reasons to do a US internship

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We have good reasons why should you apply for an internship in the USA!

  • It’s your backyard of ministry. While going global with Cultivate offers its own set of perks, a U.S. Cultivate internship provides you with dedicated time to go deep with the people, culture and matters that affect all of us in our own “backyard”, the United States. In this space, you’ll be asked to consider “who is my neighbor?”, and wrestle with the implications that have for the spheres you inhabit in the North American context.
  • You’ll be exposed to leading ministry thought + practice. Our U.S. Cultivate internships offer the invaluable opportunity to connect you with people and teams who are at the forefront of pioneering + strategic ministry design. Here, you’ll have the chance to hear from experienced ministry practitioners, and be introduced to innovative products, programs, and platforms that are being utilized to engage with today’s children and youth in a meaningful, outcome-based way.
  • It’ll broaden your exposure to the North American Church landscape. What’s the state of the Church in North America, and how are we responding to the spiritual needs of its children + youth? As part of a U.S. Cultivate internship, you’ll get a better sense of where we’re at as a church community across the region, and the exciting ways that churches and ministries are collaborating to catalyze a movement of Spirit-led ministry that is both faithful + fruitful.
  • You can be a part of global missions by using your professional talents. It’s easy to believe that being involved with global ministry requires leaving behind your skills – finance, graphic design, art, writing, _______ (fill in the blank with your major) – to be a part of the work we call missions. Even at the mention of the word “missions”, an all-too-familiar picture of a faraway land with a remote people comes to mind, doesn’t it? Well, our U.S. Internships seek to challenge the notion that the missions field doesn’t need skill–based ministry workers, and instead, we partner with you to develop your individual skill-set and learn how you can apply it globally for God’s Kingdom.
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