Are you ready for
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Cultivate Asia Pacific is OneHope’s Asia Pacific global internship that
connects valuable skill sets with meaningful outcome-based projects
to accelerate professional and spiritual development.


18 – 28 years old

University/College Students

Recent Graduates


Year-Start Tracks (2)

Mid-Year Tracks (5)

Year-End Tracks (5)








So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything,
but only God, who makes things grow.

1 Corinthians 3:7

Which SKILLS can you use to serve the Kingdom?

Product Development
Product Development
Product Development
Data Analysis
Graphic Design
Creative Writing
Product Translation
Content Development
Research-related Skills
Proofreading and Content Editing
Regional Operations
Regional Operations
Regional Operations
Program Training
Presentation Skills
Interpersonal Skills
Administrative Skills
Service-oriented Skills
Data Encoding
Distribution Team
Distribution Team
Distribution Team
Public Speaking
Public Relations
Partner Engagement
Willingness for Fieldwork
Event Planning and Coordination
Internet Skills
Data Encoding
Social Marketing
Digital Marketing
Digital Enhancement
App Creation and Development
Finance Department
Finance Department
Finance Department
Data Encoding
Microsoft Office Skills

Watch how Neil’s internship with Cultivate
blessed and impacted his life!

Choose your TRACK to make a difference!

Year-Start 2023 Tracks

Feb 13 – Apr 13 (Cambodia)

Mar 20 – May 4 (Vietnam)

Mid-Year 2023 Tracks

Apr 10 – Jun 23 (Philippines)

Jun 19 – Aug 18 (Cambodia)

Jun 26 – Aug 18 (Taiwan)

Jun 26 – Aug 18 (Vietnam)

Jul – Aug (Taiwan)

Year-End 2023 Tracks

Sep 18 – Nov 10 (Taiwan)

Sep 18 – Dec 1 (Philippines)

Oct 2 – Nov 30 (Laos)

Oct 9 – Dec 1 (Vietnam)

Oct 23 – Dec 22 (Cambodia)


Real STORIES, Real Impact!

Mitchi Lacson
Fort Lauderdale, Florida | Advancement Team
All interns should just enjoy every moment and pray for what God is planning for them. I did enjoy every moment, but I wish I had stayed a little longer with OneHope. All I can say is that the whole experience was incomparable.
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Mae Orgasan
Manila, Philippines | Product Development
Take risks. Step out in faith. Know that the faith that we have is not a blind thing. It begins with knowledge and believes facts. It trusts, and it is worth it! Get ready for a life-changing internship as you embark on this journey with a life-giver – Christ!
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Sarah Rossette Joanino
Manila, Philippines | Regional Operations
I realized that I should not be terrified in sharing the Gospel because God will use whoever He wants, regardless of age. I also had a lot of discoveries about myself. With Christ’s help, I grew spiritually and found myself seeking His word to me daily. Through the internship, God revealed to me what He wants me to do for the rest of my life.
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Shaina Nicolas
Manila, Philippines | Product Development
Maximize this great opportunity you have in Cultivate. Focus and never miss anything you can learn in every session. You will really experience the tagline itself, “It’s impossible not to grow here.” The leadership and fruitfulness in your ministry that you desire is really possible as you allow yourself to be equipped with all the knowledge and resources that Cultivate could offer.
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Jor Esmale
Manila, Philippines | Distribution Team
You need to deny yourself. This internship is not just about you. It’s not just about your growth or self-improvement. It’s also about discovering new things about God – knowing Him deeper. Letting Him take you away from your comfort zone. And to be able to do that, you need to deny yourself. 
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